Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous vs Ferrari F430 Drag Racing and Roll Racing
TX2K16 roll racing eliminations were HEATED! Not only that, but the drag racing test and tune brought out some very well known cars, including Gidi’s Alpha G and T1’s GT-R! Some of the most high [More]
Think you know Street Outlaws? You’ll think again after watching this! We visit Street Outlaws’ Dominator, aka Joe Woods for a “behind the scenes” look at what it takes to stay on The List and [More]
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Hey! Lou here with 405 Photo. I spent a recent weekend down south past the Red River in San Antonio Texas smelling burnt rubber and involuntarily crying from M5 fumes. I was there to do [More]
The drone racing is a brand new e-sport is to achieve Multirotors race through a marked and safe environment. Very similar to Formula 1 racing or rally, this futuristic discipline requires great reflexes. Stephen Ross, [More]