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Ryan’s 430KW 2J 180sx + Falkens + Carport Aussie Style. Follow us on facebook – facebook.com/hitandrundc Get ya hoon on!
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Friday night was a street race event at the back end of the track Lucifer lines up against swamp thing…lucifer launches hard looses it towards the end and it looks like he smacked the wall [More]
It was a shocker for sure and the odds were on J.P. Delisi 10-2 watch Mike Worden and JP have the closest grudge race of 2016 to the 1/4 mile! ‪#‎streetcars‬ #mm4 #paysoproductions #teamzmotorsports #fullthrottlespeed [More]
La Ferrari F40 GT est une voiture légendaire destinée au circuit, et c’est pour cette raison que les spécialistes de TaxTheRich ont souhaité lui réserver un gymkhana à la ferme. Placer des sportives de légende [More]