HEED-AUTO, the fastest guys ever in Bulgaria decided to wage time-war and dominate their neighbor countries! Where did they strike first? Greece! Check the video we prepared for you, of day 1 out of 2, [More]
Après quelques recherches sur le net, voici en vidéo quelles sont à priori les figures à réaliser pour un Gymkhana digne de ce nom (sources Japonaises). Les distances choisies par contre, entre les cônes sont [More]
Dyno results after Aeromotive Dual Phantom dual intake pump install and Nitrous Outlet Plate kit Stock 5.3L mid size camshaft Stainless Works headers and exhaust Aeromotive Dual Phantom intank pumps Nitrous Express plate kit (100 [More]
Yes, it’s still a street car – says Doc. Which, considering it’s going up against (and often winning) against Pro Mods is something certainly worth bragging about! ———————————– Haltech website: http://www.haltech.com Haltech Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HaltechEngineManagement/
Doc in the Street Beast takes on a VERY clean Nova at Redemption 6.0 No Prep in Tulsa Oklahoma
Shawn finally made some upgrades to his daily TBSS. It got a Vengeance Racing VRX4 camshaft and some Stainless Works headers with a y-pipe custom built by Monkey here at Midwest Streetcars
Spacious And Wide: The InteriorThe Interior Offers A Lot Of Space For Five Persons, And It Surpasses The Previous Model And Its Competitors In Key Dimensions. Its Horizontally Oriented Lines Underscore The Impression Of Width [More]
Mikko Hirvonen in his Ford Fiesta RS WRC and Ken Block in his Monster Focus RS WRC hooning around Battersea Power Station at the media launch for DiRT3. The SOUND of the tyres screeching, the [More]