At Moto Gymkhana competiton, riders run one by one and are mesasured the time. Some riders ride big bikes and others ride midle or small one. But the time is orderd simply from top to [More]
Autotesting is Gymkhana’s European cousin. You may not have heard of it before, but it is one of the oldest forms of motorsport still in existence. In a nutshell, it’s like what millions have watched [More]
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AE82 @ GYMKHANA September 2006 (2st try)
Los grandes también se equivocan, esto debe hacernos ver mas aún el valor de sus acciones, excelente espectáculo y día de motor.
Sexy girl Ferrari vs Kawasaki drift motorcycle gymkhana stunt Murder Days 3 race competition Javi Almazan stunt riding Ferrari 458 Italia vs Kawasaki 636 crash. links to Murder Days 1 and 2: stunt [More]