The Unprofessionals is a new series from Hoonigan, presented by BC Racing that follows the misadventures of two very unprofessional drifters, Hert and Rob (aka Chairslayer) as they travel the country with hopes of [More] Catch “A BEER WITH” every other Friday. The concept is simple. Guests drink a beer (or three) and we ask them a random series of questions. Tell us who you’d like us to drink [More]
Ken Block Gymkhana Practice
Ken Block Gymkhana Two The Infomercial
mitsubishi mirage RS 3HB(CJ4A) rally performancemazda demio SPORT(DE5FS) gymkhana performance JMRC ALLSTAR RALLY B-class 1stJMRC hokkaido rally champion B-class 1st“DUNLOP☆GARAGE SEKINEN☆mirage”JMRC hokkaido gymkhana Radial-eco class 1st“DUNLOP☆GARAGE SEKINEN☆DEMIO”11年シーズンをハイライトで振り返ってみました。スポンサー様および応援してくださった皆様どうもありがとうございました!来季は全日本ラリー洞爺で上位進出狙います!
This is a video I took of all your favorite Street Outlaws Cars at Outlaw Armageddon 2.0 Race in August of 2016 at Thunder Valley Raceway in Noble Oklahoma. This was the second annual race [More]
Death trap cars created by “better for the environment”- money grabbers
Unfortunately the corruption is still part of these companies and once again. Actually the ‘misleading ads’ about reliabiliy is just ‘misleading ads’. There were even bribes (and they are) to hide defects of Toyota (can’t [More]
Taken date : February 15, 2017 Enjoy! Camera : Samsung Galaxy J2 (C) JC 95 Elevators 2017