Cine film taken by Ken Sweeney on his American holiday in 1977, mainly filmed at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals.
Our friend Joe Woods had a little secret to show the world this weekend in the 405 at the Conquer the Concrete no prep race. Hes been BUSY this winter .Get ready for a never-before-seen [More]
Shoppers considering at 2014 Mercedes Benz ML 350 in Cincinnati Ohio will prefer the luxury features and better value of the new Lincoln MKT. The 7 passenger seating, unique style and excellent performance of the [More]
Canadian Snowstorm Dominates The Nissan GTR!
The NASCAR rivalries have reached a point where NASCAR has to be crowing and hoping that the excitement translates to more television ratings. The sport is truly heating up and so is the competition heading [More]
In this episode of Pillock Of The Day: -Pinch Point – Car squeezes between lorry and cyclist -Pet Hate – Just a lazy VW driver who can’t be arsed to signal -Idiots parking in the [More]
All footage pulled straight from the HD Event Video available now at