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Ken Block’s Gymkhana GRiD HPI Racing RC Cars
Birdman has now taken home a total of $45,000+ in cash prizes in the last 3 major no-prep races! The new Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is pushing Birdman to the top, powered by a Big [More]
ORDER HERE – 700hp Civic beats a 700hp Supra, Nitrous G8, an RX7 and a 600cc bike on the streets of Houston at TX2K12!
Badass race cars run in the ANDRADE family, this Fox body is no exception.  Jayce Andrade, brother to Street Outlaws racer, John Andrade (The Cutty) came to Streetcar Takeover OKC and shook things up a [More]
A K20 powered Toyota MR2 (Built by RaceLab) mopped up at night during FL2K13, beating up on nearly anything and everything that pulled up along side it. With around 880whp in that light of a [More]
SKINNIES TT Fox – This 408ci twin 76mm turbo powered fox body is NO JOKE – not only does it have the power to beat nearly everything in sight, but it can hook up on [More]
Daddy Dave sporting the new ProCharger set up -vs- the Helleanor Twin Turbo Mustang from the Redemption 6.0 No Prep event at Tulsa Raceway Park.