Honda VFR1200 Crosstourer completing the course at Gymkhana Academy. Filmed With GoPro Hero 2.
Kye Kelley’s Shocker vs Bird Boyz Probe at Cash Days during the Dirty South No Prep event at Hub City Dragway.
Dirt Showdown Realtime Gymkhana 1080p 60fps
Today we heli coil the stripped oil return line and you guys see my new hydro Ebrake handle that I 3d printed.
They told me to do a wall tap (which I’ve never really done) and let’s just say it was more like a wall SMASH. My visit to the Hoonigan HQ was wild and I can’t [More] For all of you who say working at Hoonigan looks like it’s all just goofing around, note that everyone else was working the entire time Hert and Vinny were laying down tracks through the [More]