ken block dans ses oeuvres
Hey guys, A new video Of street outlaws for you to enjoy KISSES FROM AMBER Whats under the hood of the new Crowmod. Big Chief give a quick rundown of his new ride. credits go [More] Today we are going to be installing a Cycle Standard Blackbird Slimline Gas Tank on a 2006 Harley-Davidson Sportster. Most of this information will work well for installation on 86 to 03 models as [More]
What a MONSTER! Ever wonder what would happen if you put a 540ci Hemi engine with a MASSIVE Whipple screw blower on alcohol in a 63 Chevy Impala? Well it would probably look a lot [More]
Boosted Solutions is back again with one of their beautiful cars they brought out to King of the Streets up in Chicago, the original No Prep racing series. Boosted Solutions is well known for the [More] for more videos on Gymkhana Grid, Dai and Ken Block. Professional drift driver Daijiro Yoshihara rides shot gun in Ken Block’s rally/gymkhana car at Gymkhana Grid held at Hollywood Park. 
Auto X Gymkhana has organized a Gymkhana Competition in Kangar Perlis this year 2012. There are AE86, MR-S, Cefiro with 1jz, 180sx with 1jz, pickup from Thailand, Penang Drivers, Thailand drivers, are in the videos.