Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SouthernStreets James Goad and The Reaper SS from Street Outlaws racing at No Prep Madness in Amarillo, Texas. In his second round, he had some mechanical issues at the line, and they did not [More]
Doc fueling up before a run, and some vid of Monza’s Camaro
Doc and Monza went to Holiday Beach Raceway 5/16/15 and did a best out of 3 race…these cars are insanely fast in person… video recorded by Drag Racing Dirty South Style check us out on [More]
just a teaser of the list for this summers grudge racing for northwest ohio. we’re a big family who shares the same passion for drag racing and cars, doesnt matter where its at, the track [More]
Our good buddy Doc, from Street Outlaws, was out doing some testing on his updated car. He changed multiple things over the winter like brakes, shocks, and even the wheels. Who thinks he has what [More]
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