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In this clip we got a chance to go film Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi running The Shocker on No Prep, while we were there we actually got to talk to them and hear some [More]
A Tribute to Kye Kelley and The Shocker
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Street Outlaws Tucson Arizona The Shocker Vs Swamp Thing Kye Kelly vs Ryan Taggart Nitrous vs Nitrous Tucson 32 invitational 40k Finals Great job with Tucson Drag Way Hosting this event! check out my newly [More]
Kye KElley’s “The Shocker” going a few rounds at Winter Meltdown 2 at San Antonio Raceway last weekend. racing, b series, k series, races, v8, ls swap, liam nissan, drag racing, street racing, skreets, all [More]
Kye Kelley Shocker vs Mike Murillo at the dirty south no prep in a close race!!!