Come take a ride with Kye Kelley as he rockets down the track and see what goes on inside the cockpit! FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM
The Shocker made a mean shakedown before he went into battle with Tony Bynes! This is a bad machine right here! FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM
Two awesome Nitrous Big Tire Cars do battle! The Street Beast vs The Shocker!
Ride along with New Orleans Street Outlaw Kye Kelly and The Shocker. Holly Springs 6-25-17. Pushing his car hard and dealing with massive tire shake. See what it is like to be right there with [More]
Kye Kelley gets the nod but the timing system was off and Bumblebee should have won in a wild race. The Shocker blows the tires off the line. While the Bumblebee blows a front runner [More]
Just posting a quick vid of some of the minor stuff I’ve done this winter… cars been under the cover since Oct. and of course we have seen maybe 2 days of light snow :/ [More]