The Flash Patterns of Whelen Quad LINZ6 Dominator Plus Light
The Wall of 200g Aerials-Dominator Fireworks-200G Cakes
Mike was the first one to make cable hill and one of only 2 buggies to make it this day. Grayrock Spring Fling 2010
Built on a Ford-F350, this third armored tank-like vehicle in the Dominator fleet is bigger, stronger, and faster and built to handle up to EF5 tornado winds over 200 mph! The debut chases of Dominator [More]
Members of the Arkansas TVN fan club built their own miniature version of the Dominator. Bosch found out about it and teamed up with them to pull a fast one on Reed. Watch to see [More]
Jeremy, Richard and James set out to end the chaos and misery that snow brings to Britain every year by using a combine harvester, some basic engineering skills and a quick trip to Norway! Subscribe [More]
800-707-2525 Paramotor powered paragliding flying with the Flat Top Ninja & Dominator paragliders. SUPERDELL & SUPERBOYD having a blast on the beach in Mexico. The Dominator is the safest wing we’ve ever tested while [More]
Dominators 1 and 2 are the primary storm chasing and research vehicles for meteorologist and extreme storm chaser Reed Timmer’s team. For the latest on TVN’s exploits, check out or for live [More]