Jason Taylor crashes his LS powered Mustang hard at the Scenic City Smackdown No Prep race at Brainerd Motorsports Park. The slippery surface is all part of the risk of “no prep drag racing”…it provides [More]
In this episode, we take a closer look at our all new Pro Series Powerglide Two-Stage Torque Converter Dump Valve System!! Please be sure to subscribe to our channel, like, and share our videos. Thanks [More]
Just some good ole boys runnin on the streets, way back in the woods for a lil money. #streetracing #noprep #cashdays #streetcar
8 Stick Shift Cars fight to the finish for $1600. The Kicker to this one is they’re racing on a virgin no prep surface, which is the shutdown of the track and heading back towards [More]
Some of the Fastest Small Tire Cars from East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia and Eastern Kentucky Battle It out for $3200 at Don’t Leave Weak’s Street Car Invasion Event at Knoxville Dragway. However this is not [More]
12 of the fastest small tire cars we’ve seen in a long time battle it out in the streets of Kentucky for 1200 bucks cash! #streetracing #noprep #smalltire #cashdays
Hard Tire cars pour into Knoxville Dragway for another one of Don’t Leave Weak’s Cash Days. Being that the track is ran backwards, The Surface is definitely the equalizer is this race. Cars search for [More]
– Meet Trevor, the owner of this crazy Nissan Silvia. He races this car in the “No-Times” grudge racing series (Ontario Street Outlaws), and various No-Prep events (small tire). – This is a JDM right [More]
– This might be the first ever No Prep drag racing event in Canada! The Ontario Street Outlaws are known for putting on a great show on the normal drag strip, but this is the [More]
Every single year, the Duluth Drag Races get better and better. The bar for entry is set high in each class, with FAST cars throwing down on the street in each one. From vehicles running [More]