Small Tire class Saturday qualifying session from Outlaw Armageddon 2019 at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble Oklahoma, just south of Oklahoma City.
Farmtruck hops in the gonorail and takes on a nitrous nova in the small tire class. The Gonorail is over weight and under powered but anything can happen on a no prep track. Azn also [More]
Flaco in his turbo s10 entered the small tire class of Armageddon 5 and he crashes. He was racing Mitch Mika with his nitrous assisted Camaro and looked to be a good matchup until disaster [More]
Tony V. running a Steve Morris Procharged Camaro entered the small tire class which yielded 8 cars in the class. There was some fierce competition with names like tony McKinney, boost12, al bundy, boosted gt, [More]
Part 2 of 5 – Friday’s Small Tire Race your way in for $10,000 In May of 2016 American Outlaws Live went down at Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Tx. Due to Discovery Channel filming that [More]
Garage Squad’s tv host Joe Zolper brought out his blown dodge Daytona to the no prep kings at rt. 66. It was the first time he has done no prep and he had a blast. [More]
Small Tire class on Friday night was a cash days style event where racers bought in and winner took all. There was ten cars but they were some of the fastest small tire no prep [More]
Lizzy Musi in the aftershock had a couple of grudge matches that included bird brothers and stinky pinky disco dean. After these two grudge matches she advanced to the first round where she raced boosted [More]
Big Chief took on Megalodon during qualifying one of Armageddon 5 at Thunder Valley in Noble Oklahoma. Megalodon also took on Shane in the black bird vega as well. We also threw in some test [More]
Death Trap Chuck in his twin turbo mustang takes on Kamikaze in his twin turbo el camino at Armageddon 5. This took place in qualifying number 2 at Thunder Valley in Noble, Oklahoma. It was [More]