Had a blast this past weekend at Land of the Hurricane No Prep Tours at Colonial Beach Dragway Special Thanks to Tommy Reek White Lightning Brought to you by: Snake Eater Performance www.snakeeaterperformance.com VS Racing [More]
Small. Tire. MONSTERS. This was our first “backwards” track experience and it didn’t disappoint. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to watching cars race TOWARD the timing tower but it definitely makes for some [More]
Doomsday No Prep Series takes place at North Star Dragway in Denton, Texas. Some of the fastest and baddest big tire and small tire no prep racers came to battle it out for the big [More]
Here is some highlights of the no prep race at Great Lakes Dragaway
Redemption No Prep Series put up over $30,000 to the fastest small tire and big tire drag racers on an unprepped surface.
Chuck 55 talks about the new 55 which is a all steel 55 that will compete in the no prep kings events. So we sat down with Chuck 55 and explained some new things about [More]
Little Country vs Kye Kelly for a $5k Grudge Race at No Prep Kings NH.
Larry Larson debuts his new Cadillac during No Prep Kings at Epping, NH.