Man what a race that went down at North Myrtle Beach Drag Strip last night! A turbo vs nitrous battle!! 2 beasts FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM
Watch as we drive an 1934 Rat Rod around town and interview the owner about the features ( or lack of!)
Luckily this car let me go cos I have no idea how to approach this death trap.
Rear toe adjustment turn by turn.
Can’t blame drivers here for a sh1t design! I just expect now to not be seen. Episode 1:
Fully Built 700hp DSM (Death Trap) VS. Built EG Borg S300 69mm (Murda). DSM also takes on Twin Turbo Mustang. Make sure to Subscribe and Share. Underworld of Utah Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: SnapChat: underworldofut Amir [More]