BoostedGT’s 1000+ hp turbo charged small block ford powered Mustang GT making a few passes on the street down in Mexico.
Small Tire action from No Prep Bounty Hunters in San Antonio
Sit back, grab some popcorn and watch some bad ass No Prep racing action with Boosted GT. At first we thought about breaking the video up, but we decided we would put it all together [More]
Boosted Gt drag races $8,000 Friday Night shootout at Untouched No Prep event season opener, to kick off the weekend at Pacemakers Dragway! Ohio grudge racing was at its finest at this highly successful action [More]
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Street Outlaws Boosted GT tests his car on a very windy and cold day at Wichita Raceway Park in Wichita Falls Texas. The car did very well considering the track temp etc. The car is [More]
Street Outlaws star BoostedGT (Chris Hamilton) recently debuted his new Mustang, which will be used for street racing, no prep racing, no time racing and grudge racing. The car is based on a S197 Mustang [More]
First episode of my new show on street outlaws. I cover Monza’s new twin turbo setup, BoostedGT’s new car, DOC’s 959 mountain motor, Reapers new car DEEZ NUTS and talk about the series finale of [More]
Street outlaw’s boostedgt aka Chris Hamilton has his twin turbo S197 Mustang dyno tuned before hitting the track for a test hit at Tulsa Dragway in Oklahoma. Unfortunately he didn’t have the best luck and [More]