Kye Kelley SHOCKED the crowds alongside South Georgia Motorsports Park’s Drag strip when he pulled the wheels almost 300’ on his THIRD pass on a radial tire! Stopping by to hang out and make some [More] Typically professional drivers try to avoid throwing donuts in the yard just before a race, but a little peer pressure and a lot of shit talking from an unprofessional will get Pat Goodin ripping [More]
Street Outlaws star Daddy Dave recently made the switch to a ProCharger from Nitrous and we give you an up close look at the new combo during the Redemption 6.0 No Prep event at Tulsa [More]
Drag coverage put on an awesome event at Atmore Dragway and the main event was a best of 2 race with kye and daddy dave….well this was the last race with the 2…kye was already [More]
Cali Chris driving the twin turbo Fireball lightning vs Daddy dave