You’re going to want to sit down for this one. Daddy Dave has unleashed a new powerplant for the Goliath 2.0 Nova…a PROCHARGED big block! Moving away from nitrous, Daddy Dave tries his luck with [More]
Street Outlaws star Daddy Dave recently made the switch to a ProCharger from Nitrous and we give you an up close look at the new combo during the Redemption 6.0 No Prep event at Tulsa [More]
Street Outlaws Doc’s STREET BEAST as it’s named, is a car that has most definitely proven itself on the street by winning Cash Days V and numerous other heavy hitting heads up street races / [More]
Daddy Dave has switched from nitrous to a supercharged combination and revealed it for the first time in the JE Pistons booth at PRI 2016
Goliath 2.0 is a badass nitrous fed big block Chevy Nova with a fat tire on a mission! We’ve all seen Daddy Dave on Street Outlaws and his unfortunate mishap with Goliath 1.0, but he [More]
Watch Engine Goliath 2.0 Super Fast Drag Car
Drag coverage put on an awesome event at Atmore Dragway and the main event was a best of 2 race with kye and daddy dave….well this was the last race with the 2…kye was already [More]