Fireball Camaro went in the championship race with only a 10 point lead ahead of Kye Kelley with the shocker camaro. If Fireball came out victorious then Fireball would win the 100,000 for winning the [More]
Chuck 55 had a rear end lock up as it broke. Chuck drove it to a complete stop but unfornately could not avoid the wall but the damage was minimal to the car’s body. The [More]
Murder Nova came out in his debut to no prep kings and raced his way in and got in the main show. Murder Nova has had some trouble getting his car to go straight in [More]
No Prep Kings in Ennis, Texas was on fire with the two wheel drive diesel class. Tony Rizzi in the Outkast truck burst into flames and somehow managed to beat some of the fastest diesels [More]
Brought to you by: Skinnies Skreecret Sauce Traction Compound Buy Sauce: (GET 15% OFF) Code: SRC15 The Truck pulled through, and made it to the winners circle again this weekend. A little luck was [More]
Part 2 of the best of Redemption No-Prep Series! No-Prep from various tracks in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Click here to subscribe –
Kayla & her “Hot Mess Express” are a well known combination thanks to her reputation in the Big Tire community as well as Discovery Channels “Street Outlaws”. Kayla’s big procharged, big block FORD powered, MONSTER [More]
Robin Roberts from the team 405 in no prep kings took on chuck55 and barefoot Ronnie at Armageddon’s qualifying rounds to the main show. Robin runs a proline motor with twins which laid down some [More]