Street Outlaws Ryan Martin

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Watch as Street Outlaws Ryan Martin brings his twin turbo Ford Lightning out to race against his own Fireball Camaro at Street Outlaws Live race in Topeka, Kansas

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If you have ever watched the Street Outlaws TV show you might have seen an interview or two with Ryan Martin and in the background you will see a red first generation Ford Lightning truck in his shop. Well he finally brought this truck out to play at the Street Outlaws Live No Prep Kings second season event that was held in Topeka, Kansas 6-22-18.

The first time the truck went down the track Street Outlaws Ryan Martin lined it up against his own Fireball Camaro on a test and tune part of the show. He had another driver Chris Poncia from California do the driving and it was the first time he was ever in the truck so he had some getting use to it as you can see in the 2nd race in this video.

It is a great looking truck and I hope to see more of it at the Street Outlaws Live events this season.


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