2017 Mercedes GT C Roedster – INTERIOR

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As expected, the interior of the Roadster features the same impressive cockpit design that revolves around an aviation-inspired theme. It has the same wing-like dashboard with spotlight-style A/C vents in the center stack, and concave-shaped door panels. A motorsport-inspired center console features the AMG Drive Unit controls arranged like eight cylinders in a V layout — just like the 4.0-liter engine under the hood. The cabin is also be packed with high-quality materials, including leather, Alcantara, contrast stitching, and exemplary fit and finish. The infotainment system also mimics the coupe’s and includes the latest apps and features. Naturally, all of the above are complimented by the infinite headroom that comes with a removable roof. As a special feature, the Roadster is the first AMG GT that can be ordered with a light beige interior.

Inside, the GT C Roadster gets the same amazing interior as the GT Coupe that brings the feeling of width while keeping an aviation-inspired theme. Perched on top of the dash you’ll find that tablet-like infotainment screen that is flanked on the left by a two-gauge instrument cluster with a TFT screen in the middle. As is the usual treatment with AMG-branded vehicles, the driver is in control with a flat-bottom steering wheel that also has a small mark at 12 o’clock. Three spoke in design; there are thumb buttons on each side spoke while the bottom spoke is wide open in the middle. Sitting below the infotainment screen are four circular vents that are about two-thirds of the size of the vent on each corner of the dash.

The two-tone nature of the dash matches that of the door trims. In this specific example, the top of the dash and door panels are black while the bottom of the dash and trim are a cream color. The center console sits nice and high, effectively giving the driver and passenger their own space. The silver insert atop the console adds a lot of character here with the AMG Drive Unit controls arranged as if they are cylinders in a V-8 engine. All told, the cabin is sleek, y, and inviting. It’s very well put together and has exception fit and fishing all the way around.

“The GT C Roadster gets the same amazing interior as the GT Coupe that brings the feeling of width while keeping an aviation-inspired theme.”

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