Here’s some of the best streetoutlaws races for so far in 2017. With names like Kye Kelly, Birdman, Mike Murillo, Kayla Morton, Boosted Gt and more!! 13 races in all. Who is your favorite? Please [More]
In this episode, we do an interview about Aaron’s new obsession, youtube. Aaron believes ( me ) that the new path to success for drivers who wish to pursue racing as a career need to [More] On today’s episode Jared Perry of Hakone Motorsports stops by with his freshly built RB25 swapped FC for some Hoonigan approved stress testing. Special thanks to Jared Perry: @unicorn_tamer Follow Our Crew: @brianscotto @vin_tra [More]
Big Chief vs Murder Nova – Outlaw Armageddon 2017-cL3OXgUpr_k On today’s episode of Daily Transmission, we prepare ShitCar for its makeover and almost kill Hert in the process. Follow Our Crew: @brianscotto @vin_tra @hertlife @hngn.kikawa @jchase7452 @joey_baggadonuts @brandonkado @sunsetsnbooze @teaguefleury @mister_zachary Watch DT [More] On today’s episode of Daily Transmission, BJ Baldwin stops by to prove that desert racing rules over all other forms of motorsport…and makes a pretty good case for himself by throwing down the gnarliest [More]