Mansfield Ohio…The Rides of Park Ave 4-13-2012

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This is another video shot down in Mansfield Ohio on a street called Park Avenue. The street has been dubbed the Miracle Mile. This is a road with countless stories being made on it every weekend for many generations gone past. I am not sure how this street became the way it is today, but it is a car lovers dream. The street comes alive on the weekends with just about every kind of custom vehicle you can imagine…and they even race up and down the strip at times! You will find everyone from senior citizens to high school kids, all of different races and sex all enjoying a love for customization on this amazing road. Words can never explain what all goes on here on the weekends, but my goal is to bring you some of that excitement through the filming i do there at times on the weekends. In my videos you will see classics, tuners, mini trucks, low riders, motorcycles, and much more. Got a favorite car? If not you just might after watching this video. Its amazing the talent these builders put into these vehicles. I appreciate everyone who knows I am out there filming and in turn brings out their car for a chance to be on film…it helps make some great footage. I also own and am the founder of an organization called United Streetz of America. Our purpose is to stand up for our rights and to keep vehicle customization alive in America. If you would like to show your support, please “like” us on facebook at I hope you enjoyed this video and please be sure to share it with your friends, especially if you are a Mansfield local.


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