Pixar Cars , Micro Drifter, Design and Drift Speedway, with Lightning McQueen

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Please subscribe to our videos, this is a video walk-through of the new Micro-Drifter Design and Drift Speedway from Disney Pixar Cars. It only took about an hour to assemble, and looks like a lot of fun . We plan on using it to race the real cars too. This Disney Pixar’s Cars Micro Drifters Design and Drift Speedway Track Set feature real ball-bearing technology that allows them to race, drift and swarm-just like they do in Disney/Pixar Cars…and have real accidents , like I did in my first race…. With more than seven feet of track and the ability to launch nine vehicles at once, ( I only had 7 ) this gravity set has lots of opportunity for animated action! Kids can manipulate the track into different configurations and alter the play pattern by setting up obstacles; two “cameras” can be placed anywhere on the tack to amp up the mayhem even more. The first car to finish will land in the winner’s circle while the rest pile up. Which vehicle will dominate? Includes 1 Micro Drifters vehicle. Thanks for watching, and have a great day. Please give a thumbs UP….bye..


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