Outlaw Armageddon 2nd Coming: CrowMod is no show & Rockin’ Gresham 2016 #GearHeadsWorld

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Outlaw Armageddon Second Coming was a Big Deal. We share footage with our Annual Rockin’ Around The Block Cruise where OGs take over a town up here in the Northland, Gresham OR. as Street Outlaws Converge on Thunder Valley Raceway down in the 405 to battle for $80K cold, hard cash. All heads up and Grudge racing. Most OKC Street Outlaws show. Absent is Big Chief’s CrowMod and we dive into that situation.
Murder Nova, Goliath 2.0, Doc, Dominator and most of the others from the 405 List are there battling it out. Even Mad Max!

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